Corporate Branding

Whether you’re a large national organization or a mid-size regional business, together we’ll define,
develop, and promote a brand that helps build awareness and increase business success.

Many organizations  come to us because of lagging sales, weak market penetration, stiffer competition, the lack of brand awareness or confusion about the company in the marketplace.  We’ll provide expert, third-party analysis of your core brand assets, marketplace, competition, key market differentiators, strengths, and weaknesses.  brandwerks3 utilizes a comprehensive 3-step brand-building process that you will understand and embrace.

The Discovery

Brand Discovery Q&A

This  Q&A session with key members of your executive, marketing, sales, and customer service teams, uncovers your perceptions and opinions about the company, its products and services, its market, competitive position, and much more.

Market Research

We’ll gather market awareness and opinions about your company, its products, and the services it provides. You’ll find out how your organization fares against the competition, and why people choose you, or not.

Competitive Brand  Analysis

We’ll conduct an analysis of your main competitors’ brands—which is vitally important in helping to craft a brand position you can call your own.

The Brand Development

Brand Strategy

We take what we find in the Discovery and craft your Brand Strategy, which is a long-term plan that defines what you stand for, the promise you make, and the personality you want to convey.  It’s also your unique identity and what separates you from the competition.

Positioning Statement

We’ll provide you with a Positioning Statement that will accurately define your company’s brand in the marketplace.  It will communicate who you are, what you do, and why you should be selected over the competition.  It will also form the foundation for the copy and messaging in all your marketing efforts.

Brand Story

We then craft your brand story, which we’ll use to convey your brand in a consistent way across all media.  Your story will include:

  • Brand promise
  • Brand values
  • Brand voice
  • Elevator speech
  • Brand overview copy

The Delivery

Putting it All Together

brandwerks3 will bring your brand to life through the development of the key components of your identity.  They will best reflect your brand assets and create an exciting new look for the organization – all while differentiating you in the marketplace.

Creative Expression

You will be provided with examples of what your marketing materials will look, sound, and feel like, expressed in digital, print, collateral, or other marketing communications components.

Brand Identity

  • Brand Architecture
  • Name
  • Logo
  • Tagline
  • Brand Identity Guidelines
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