Kearny Federal Savings is the ninth largest
New Jersey-based bank, but the organization was having
difficulty attracting younger customers and expanding
its small business base.

challenges & goals

Many of its current customers were retiring, moving out of the area, or dying off.  Additionally, their brand was very traditional, and the name didn’t imply any business capabilities. The bank knew it had to reinvent its brand to remain competitive.  Being a loyal customer for many years, it was very apropos that the bank reached out to us for help.

the discovery

Being a customer, we knew what we liked about the bank, but we had to find if others felt the same way.  brandwerks3 conducted in-branch customer surveys to uncover levels of awareness and impressions of the bank.  We then undertook an extensive Branding Q&A Session with management, sales, business development, and even representatives from the local branches.

The customer surveys revealed a very loyal but once again, aging clientele.  It also showed a lack of awareness of Kearny’s ability to address business banking needs. The Discovery Session also indicated the strength and length of customers’ relationships with the bank – relationships built on the extra effort made to get to know its customers, their families, and their personal and business backing needs.

the strategy

Part of our assignment were name and identity changes for the bank.  The strong market awareness and brand loyalty dictated only a minor name refresh from Kearny Federal Savings to Kearny Bank.  We also developed the brand platform For Today.  For Tomorrow.  This statement reflects how the bank can meet customer’s needs for a lifetime – from personal savings and checking to mortgages, business loans, and retirement accounts.

the solution

The new brand and name were supported by the new, and far more contemporary logo and brand identity featured here. The brand launch, which included branch signage, a new website, transit, outdoor and print advertising, as well as in-branch promotions.  All were geared to appeal to a younger audience, and personal and business customers alike.

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