pdvWIRELESS is a new company bringing
push-to-talk (PTT) wireless services to the
U.S. market.  Although they were a new
organization, the company was started by
industry veterans who founded Nextel.

challenges & goals

Their core product, DispatchPLUS Push-to-Talk, faced many challenges out of the gate. Was this simply a repackaged Nextel? Was the market demand for PTT still there? No one ever heard of pdvWireless or DispatchPLUS. Most importantly, would new and younger prospects even consider PTT over cell phones? brandwerks3 was called in to develop a brand that was going to have to address these challenges head on.

the discovery

Our first step was a Discovery Q&A Session with the founding members of the company, sales, marketing, and product development.  Our goal was to get the answers to all the questions just noted – why would the target markets want PTT again and what are its advantages over traditional cellular?

Our session was very revealing.  PTT offered many advantages over cellular including faster one-touch communications with multiple mobile workforces.  The service was less expensive than traditional cellular, and the radios are far more durable than cell phones, making them ideal for challenging environments. 

brandwerks3 - pdvWireless - branding materials
brandwerks3 - pdvWireless - branding materials
brandwerks3 - pdvWireless - branding materials

the strategy

Our findings indicated that business owners with mobile workforces would be empowered by PTT and DispatchPLUS.  They’d have the ability to do more and save money when compared to cellular.  As a result, we created the brand platform The Power to Do More.

the solution

The branding effort included logo development and brand identity for the organization and its products.  Visually, we featured images of users within the many vertical target markets.  The look is bold, rugged and powerful, which is a reflection of the technology and hardware employed by DispatchPLUS.  The brand roll-out included the website development, emarketing, social media, trade show booths, sales collateral and dealer support marketing tools.

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